Hello everyone,
We are pleased to welcome you at Citizen Rights Protection Council. Our Motive is to make our country a crime free country. I Request all my indian friends to help CRPC Group & give your support to make India a peace, corruption free, violence free India. Every human being, man or women do their duties fearless and make others feel safe. Our motto is to stop the crime, corruption & violence against helpless which is increasing day by day. so we should come together & fight for every individual who is in need against crime. It is very easy to say that people are not doing their duties in any government sector but no one has the answer for "why is the system like this ?" Its because we have encouraged them to do so ,Hence my request to every Indian to be responsible and & awakened and "Fight back Against Crime, Corruption and all type of Anti Nation Activities.

Adv Ayodhya Prasad shukla
Chief Legal Advisor
Citizen Rights Protection Council

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