Corruption undermines human development and democracy. It reduces access to public services by diverting public resources for private gain.

"When public money is stolen for private gain, it means fewer resources to build schools, hospitals, roads and water treatment facilities. When foreign aid is diverted into private bank accounts, major infrastructure projects come to a halt. Corruption enables fake or substandard medicines to be dumped on the market, and hazardous waste to be dumped in landfill sites and in oceans. The vulnerable suffer first and worst."

Corruption hinders economic development by distorting markets and damaging private sector integrity. Some facts and figures on corruption are:

$1,000 billion are paid in bribes per year (source:The World Bank Institute)

Corruption can cost a country up to 17 Percent of its GDP (source: Asian Development Bank)

US$1.8 trillion is the volume of illicit financial flows from Africa between 1970 and 2008: (source: Global Financial Integrity, 2010)

Corruption also strikes at the heart of democracy by corroding rule of law, democratic institutions and public trust in leaders. For the poor, women and minorities, corruption means even less access to jobs, justice or any fair and equal opportunity.

It is also a National knowledge leader on anti-corruption. CRPC provides advisory services to National awareness raising on anti-corruption; builds synergies with the initiatives of relevant partners; synchronizes National and regional activities with emerging demands from the countries involved; and develops knowledge products on anti-corruption to assist anti-corruption programming at the State level.

CRPC working against all type of Corruption to make our Society Care free and safe. CRPC is a Anti- Corruption workers Organization who are devoted or dedicated to do Something respected work for their own Country to make Crime and Corruption free platform for the Coming Generation in the near future. We take urgent step & Research Corruption in Central government department, State government department, Public sector organizations, Hospitals, Schools, Police departments and send Investigation / Information / Research report to related departments for strong action.We Provide Corruption Information to Hon’ble President, Prime Minister, Home Minister, Chief Minister, Chief Justice, Lok sabha president, Supreme Court, High Court, Income Tax Dept, Vigilance Department, C.B.I. Raw, I.B, C.I.D, Print Media, Electronic Media, Senior Journalist, Police and its administration etc. We proved Secrete Informants for taken fake Currency, Narcotics, Drugs, Antics, Illegal, Post Tickets, Stamp Paper and Illegal weapons to C.B.I. Vigilance, Crime Branch. Home Ministry, Ministry of Defence, State and Central Government, Local Police and its and Administration Officers.

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