"You are a human being. You have rights inherent in that reality. You have dignity and worth that exist prior to law" – Lyn Beth Neylon

I am delighted to introduce Citizen Rights Protection Council a leading social organization, working for the protection of Human rights, Civil Rights, Child Rights, Consumer Rights, Legal Rights, Senior Citizen Rights, liberties and social justice for all people at National Level., and providing legal assistance to the needy and under-privileged. Citizen Rights Protection Council has translated its avowed objectives at the grassroots level through camps, conferences, seminars, conventions, cultural programmes, family courts and free legal services to the underprivileged. We are strongly connected nationally with a membership of over 10 thousend people all around the India including IAS Officer (Rtd) ,High profile lawyers ( Supreme Court , High Court , Lower Court , Doctors, Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Professionals, Journalists, RWA, bureaucrats , Retired from various Govt offices, NGO etc.

Citizen Rights Protection Council is very well connected with a strong network of Offices in more than 20 States offices in India. Citizen Rights Protection Council boasts of a very large active members spread across every part of the Indian Union, centres operating for the cause of spreading human rights awareness in order to break the barriers of class, caste, creed, colour and religion. Citizen Rights Protection Council promotes art, culture, peace, harmony and brotherhood. Citizen Rights Protection Council’s message is taken throughout the length and breadth of this country by its active members. CRPC opened a Legal Cell having more than 200 advocates at Delhi and throughout India in our Legal Cell. Our Legal Advisors are helpful to poor, down- trodden, women, scheduled castes and scheduled tribes, Handicapped, Children, Labour, Factory workers and other weaker sections of the society. CRPCs future planning is open / launch a news channel for publishing news about Human Rights. Through the medium of its written communication, it alerts the Government, defaces and unveils the criminals and corrupt people. No one should be considered High or Low in the eyes of even the God men. So should all be treated equally in the eyes of the State and the governmental machinery. Gone are the days of bonded labour and slavery! It should be considered a crime to ill-treat any one on account of gender, age, caste, colour or religion.

!! Jai Hind – Jai Bharat !!
Suresh Shukla
Director General
Citizen Rights Protection Council

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