Citizen Rights Protection Council is a Universal Ngo that strongly believes in facilitating every needy, underprivileged, deprived and neglected section of the society and Country.

Empowering women and Awareness campaigns, Educating children, Senior citizens’ concerns, Health & Medical Camps, Clean Environment drives & campaigns, Special workshops for Girls (Defense Training & Awareness), Counseling, Distributing basic need items to the street dwellers, are some of the core programs undertaken by us.

We believe in a holistic approach and aim at rendering help, building support, encouraging & motivating every person in need. Every individual deserves a Right to Life with dignity!

To undertake and organize social activities and social awareness programmes for the benefit and welfare of the society.

Educational Aids and Scholarships

Promote Gender Equality and work towards Women Empowerment, prohibit Child Labour and Child Abuse

General Health Care and improve Maternity Health and requirements

Awareness programs and seminars on HIV AIDS, T.B., Cervical Cancer, Breast Cancer, Diabeties, Hypertension, Stress Management etc

To support and Assist the Weaker and Unemployed sections and provide them with assured jobs.

Awareness camps regarding the prohibition of Female Infanticide and prohibition on Pre Natal Sex Awareness

Defense Training to Girls and women for self protection in crucial times.

Cleanliness drives and encouraging means for Green and Clean Environment.

Protection against domestic Violence, Suicide.

Educate, Train and Provide Farmers with better techniques, fertilizers and farm assistance.

Support and Provide Food, Clothing, Books etc to poor and dropout students, street dwellers.

Rehab centres, Old Age Homes and other assistance to the distressed and elderly.

Relief and Aid in times of Natural disasters and calamities.

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