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Now-a-days Crime and Corruption can be seen everywhere. It is like cancer in public life, which has not become so rampant and perpetuated overnight, but in course of time. When we talk of corruption in public life, it covers corruption in politics, state governments, central governments, "business, industry and so on. Public dealing counters in most all government offices are the places where corruption most evident. If anybody does not pay for the work it is sure work won't be done. It is not only the responsibility of the government but ours too. We can eliminate corruption if there will be joint effort. We must have some high principles to follow so that we may be models for the coming generation. Let us take a view to create an atmosphere free from Crime and Corruption. That will be our highest achievement as human beings. Indians please Join us & give your support to make peace, corruption free, violence free India. Every human being, man or women do their duties fearless. So join & fight with us to make corruption free india.

!! Jai Hind – Jai Bharat !!
Adv Manish Balasia
Asst. Legal Advisor
Citizen Rights Protection Council

Come 15th August, 26 January, I Sunday See the TV Channels, radio, Station and even Magazines and the news paper off loading information an about freedom day, freedom and patriotism, they reinforce the fact that each on of us should really take pride in the fact that we are a free country. I Just wonder, how short is the Public memory or is it just me who feels in a country where every second day there is a case of honur killing, caste discrimination and dalits are still a common parlance, what freedom are really talking about it. I forget the larger picture even after 68 year of Independence I don't feel like Stepping out of the house alone after & what freedom are we talking there is a Rape happing every 10 minutes, are we really free? How can we stop Crime and Corruption in India? India is our country we all are responsible citizens its our duty to make our country Crime and Corruption free.

Adv. Avinash Pandey
Asst. Legal Advisor
Citizen Rights Protection Council

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