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Members donation is Rs. 750/- These will be member at the level of District who will represent CRPC at District level. They will be provided due training in collecting local information. They will authorized to MEET and SEND Human Rights Atrocity’s Information to Local Police Officers The renovation Fee under category will be Rs. 750/- P.A Apply Online

Officers donation is Rs. 5000/-) They will represent CRPC at District / State level . They will be officer of CRPC District / State level executive committee. They will be provided organized training in law, visiting the cities, collecting information and providing the same to police, media and government so that they may carry out the task strengthening CRPC at District / State level with utmost effectiveness. They will authorize to MEET and SEND all type of Criminal Information to Local Police Officers / District admin officers, all Print and Electronic media. The renovation Fee under category will be Rs. 1000/- P.A Apply Online

The Members and Officers of CRPC are working on voluntary basis and no payment is given to them. Membership is non-transferable and once the payment is made, it is non-refundable. Any kind of misbehavior or misconduct mat result in rejection of membership of CRPC.

CRPC will not be responsible for any misuse of identity Card issued to the membership during the course of their Membership with CRPC on expiry, the Identity Cards must be submit to the HR Office.

After expiry, renewal is a must for regular membership. In case of change of address. Member should inform the same to the HR Office.

TIn case of loss the identity Card, inform the HR Office in writing along with the F.I.R. immediately.

All CRPC members / Officers should contact their respective District / State Units office once in a month.

Applicant can use photocopy of the application form which will be duly acknowledged by the HR Office once revived duly filled in.

Strict action will be taken against the Member, if found guilty floating the rules and regulation of CRPC.

If you have any doubt, question or problem, please contact CRPC Head Office.

All right reserved to CRPC and all disputers subject to jurisdiction of Gonda only. Apply Online

Without completed documents, a candidate is not nominated as a member / Officer of CRPC.

CRPC Members / Officers are not authorized to issue any kind of letters to any department without consent and written permission of Director General or Authorized Officers of CRPC.

CRPC will not be responsible for any such behavior and will take strict action against anybody found guilty. Every Members / Officers required complete own team under three months of date of joining. They can only provide recommendations to the Director General.

CRPC will not be responsible for any members nominated without written consent of Founder President and their membership is invalid. Strict legal action will be taken against such people.

A person having an ID Card with no hologram and wrong unique code or fake hologram and unique code is not a member of CRPC. You can also verify your unique code on our website

All are independent bodies of the CRPC Controlled by the Director General . Will keep good vigilance on day-to-day transaction the expenditure done by the members of the CRPC will submit reports. Will have the power to cancel the membership if got any serious complaint and will set up inquire committee with the related issue. To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps from head quarter of Director General.

To ensure the development of the CRPC; the members so as to establish better understanding co-ordinating and unity amongst the all members. To nominate and cancellation authority to any nominated post by the authority of Director General.

All the correspondence of CRPC working should be done on papers in writing. Any letter written by any member of CRPC should have approval from the corresponding State Director, Zonal Director or Director General.

It is to be noted that what so ever the account opened in the National, State will be in jointly with the Director General and with the State Director of the respected state.

All members of CRPC have power to join new member with CRPC. All payment should made by Cheque or Bank Draft. Any payment in cash will not be entertained. And submit it to Director Secretariats.

Any members of CRPC can apply application to Director Secretariats for fund required for any work of CRPC.

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