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Women Violence
Anything Related to Employment

Violence against women is partly a result of gender relations that assumes men to be superior to women.

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Human Rights Law
Discriminations should end

The international human rights movement was strengthened when the United Nations.....

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Human Rights Issues
Need to evaluate your standard

Education, Women, Children, Civil and Political Rights, Adequate Housing, Business and Human Rights

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What are human rights?
Stop before it causes a big trouble

Human rights are thus conceived as universal (applicable everywhere) and egalitarian (the same for everyone).

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The Issue of Child Abuse

Every year more than 3 million reports of child abuse are made in India. It’s a terrible epidemic that we at Child help are dedicated to put an end to.  To do this, we need to first increase awareness of the issue itself.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse is when a parent or caregiver, whether through action or failing to act, causes injury, death, emotional harm or risk of serious harm to a child. There are many forms of child maltreatment, including neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and emotional abuse.

Read through the sections below on the different types of child abuse to learn about signs to look out for. If you see these signs in anyone you know, or are a victim of child abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse of a child is when a parent or caregiver causes any non-accidental physical injury to a child. There are many signs of physical abuse. If you see any of the following signs, please get help right away.

28.3% of adults report being physically abused as a child.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse occurs when an adult uses a child for sexual purposes or involves a child in sexual acts. It also includes when a child who is older or more powerful uses another child for sexual gratification or excitement.

20.7% of adults report being sexually abused as

Emotionally Abuse

When a parent or caregiver harms a child’s mental and social development, or causes severe emotional harm, it is considered emotional abuse. While a single incident may be abuse, most often emotional abuse is a pattern of behavior that causes damage over time.

10.6% of adults report being emotionally abused as a child.

Child Neglect

Child neglect is when a parent or caregiver does not give the care, supervision, affection and support needed for a child’s health, safety and well-being. Child neglect includes:

Physical neglect and inadequate supervision

Emotional neglect

Medical neglect

Educational neglect

Human Rights


The growing lawlessness among the State agencies and failure of the justice delivery system has deprived many people of their basic human rights.
A violation of human rights by the State has become an order of the day.

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Though human rights today assume great significance and necessity and though violations of human rights and unlawful acts are denounced even beyond the frontiers of the countrie where these occur, the performance in the path of protecting and safeguarding human rights has, nevertheless, not been encouraging in India and it has acquired only a theoretical legitimacy.

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